Blasphemous got a Linux version on Steam, but it's still not out on GOG unfortunately. I'll probably eventually play it regardless, but, without a Linux version, I'll wait until it's over 50% off.

I prefer PeerTube over LBRY myself, but it's still a lot better than YouTube. If Google did ban LBRY because they see it as a potential threat, then all the more reason to keep using it. You don't need the app to watch LBRY, the web client works fine now. If you really want the app, it's available on F-Droid.

The state of Mario 64 in the new collection is a bit of a bummer. Oh well, at least there's plenty of mods out there along with texture packs.

Amazon Podcasts launched so now I can say clearly that the reason Open Metalcast isn't up there is because of Amazon's No Disparagement clause. I'm not going to invest in a platform where if I play something that Amazon folks don't like then I'll somehow be liable. Screw that and screw Amazon for putting that in there.

Also, no RSS? That's not a podcast, that's a portal.

While there's some eyebrow raising stuff going on at ByteDance, we can't go banning software or platforms if we value freedom of speech at all.

I never really understood achievements and generally turned them off where possible. I'd rather the game give me some in-game reward for exploring or doing something weird, even if it's just a small token item with only cosmetic effects.

DRM has been plaguing technology more and more. I continue to avoid it, but some people aren't willing to give up conveniences to avoid DRM and end up supporting it. Because of that, some people don't have the choice to avoid it any more, not without hurting their livelihood.

Call for help, OCAP 

My fiancee was on a call on a videoconferencing platform yesterday and the room she was in was intruded upon multiple times by people who came in and caused trouble.

This was a women's group and they were exposed to pornographic images, sounds, threats, etc. not just once, but many times over the span of one hour.

This makes me think that for the Free platforms, we can and must do better. I have a plan and would love some help!


I think I would have wished for a AA game that was a hack 'n slasher metroidvania. Either that or had it made by Platinum.

I never gave the Total War series much thought. After listening to Extra Credits, and George, talk some of the Troy and Trojan history, I think I should check out a Total War game.

Renegade X looks like a lot of fun. A bit of a bummer it doesn't have a native Linux port, but I'm sure there's a Lutris install script.


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