10 years ago today I started practicing as a licensed counselor. This was my office. Gone through a lot since then, but it feels good to still be working to help people become their most authentic selves.

I'm sharing this as an actual solution to empower civilians.

Please check out TurnSignl, an app founded by Black civil rights lawyers. It lets you video call a lawyer asap through voice activation or single touch when police pull you over. The lawyer manages & records the entire convo w/police & works to get you home safe.

It's like $7/mo and free for low income people. It's in a few dozen states & will be nationwide shortly. I have it myself.

See it here:


The Missouri GOP is trying to pass state House rules that ban women from the right to bare arms.

No, literally, they're trying to ensure women don't show their bare arms. This is your part of "small government."

And FYI the Missouri GOP banning women from showing their bare arms isn’t a sign of Shariah or Taliban—it’s a sign of right wing “Christian” extremism in the U.S. Govt.

Stop deflecting extremism in America as something foreign. It’s 100% American. Admit it. Own it. Work to stop it.

We often view violence through the lens of a person with a lethal weapon harming another—but we should expand our view to recognizing the different types of violence that harm society.

For example:
•Poverty is violence
•Banning asylum is violence
•Denying reparations is violence
•Forcing child hunger is violence
•Denying healthcare access is violence

Violence isn’t just when a person uses a Lethal weapon on another person. It’s also when Legal power is weaponized to deny justice to any person.

Truly a shame that on the 2 year anniversary of the Jan 6 insurrection, none of the ringleaders of this attack on our democracy have faced the slightest bit of justice and accountability.

Justice delayed is justice denied, and an insurrection that goes unpunished becomes a training exercise for next time.

The DOJ must act immediately to protect the American people, our democracy, and our national peace—before it's too late.

After three separate votes, Republicans fail to elect their own Speaker -- first time in 100 years that's happened.

I want all the media pundits who blamed Dems for "not effectively negotiating with Republicans" to explain how you negotiate with a pro-insurrectionist party who can't even agree on their own Speaker?

Republicans claim Government doesn't work, then they get elected and prove it. Vote GOP Out Permanently.

I've always had a difficult time reconciling my football fandom with my pacifism, and situations like the one on throw that into even sharper relief.

A quick reminder that law enforcement *responds* to crime, but a living wage, food and water security, accessible healthcare, and public education *prevent* crime.

If you want safer communities, invest in people, not punishments.

Let us strive in 2023 to alleviate the struggles of others, and uplift all humanity on the tenets of justice.

Much love to all of you for your amazing compassion and support in my struggle for universal human rights. I am grateful for your continued love, prayers, and support as we elevate our struggle for justice in 2023 and beyond. Let's get to work.



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Short rant.

Southwest Air has cancelled ~70% of its flights in an epic meltdown this holiday season.

Remember, Southwest took $3.7B in federal aid from 2020-21.

It’s CEO got a pay raise to a $9.1M package in 2022.

Yet Southwest employees are working 16 hour shifts & threatened w/termination if they refuse overtime or call in sick.

Socialism for the wealthy. Capitalism for workers.

Stop trusting billionaires. Start holding them accountable. And start protecting workers.

End Rant.

New Year's resolutions are only lame if they are made without sufficient flexibility or without a focus on what really matters. I want to live this year from a more ethically defensible place, but also want to recognize the ways in which that will be challenging, and acknowledge how my inability to be morally perfect doesn't make it meaningless to try.

When I say I make a mean old fashioned, what I mean is I measure the ingredients of an old fashioned with above average precision.

There are few things more counterintuitive to the American experience than true, unproductive rest. Doing me best here in

Really quite a trick for a pretty big group of people to have managed to rebrand thoughtfulness as “self censorship.”

People like “that’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back” as if we would have been diligently editing Wikipedia or fixing your bathroom sink with that hour. No, we would have been watching Instagram Reels of people falling down and we know it.

The National Retail Federation estimates Americans spent $886 Billion on the holidays last year.

Oxfam says we could end world hunger by 2030 with an annual investment of $40 Billion.

If the 217 million Americans who buy gifts each holiday devoted $184 of the roughly $1000 they spend to world hunger, that's it. It'd be over.

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