Zine Page Size Cheat Sheet (US Letter) 

Full Size - 8.5" x 11"
Half - 5.5" x 8.5"
Quarter - 4.25" x 5.5"
Mini (1/8th) - 2.75" x 4.25"
Micro (1/16th) - 2.125" x 2.75"

Ooh.directory is a brand new categorized directory of over 850 active blogs, with a list of the most recently updated. I love this so much. ooh.directory/

Resigning myself to the reality of Thanksgiving prep and cleanup without a working hot water heater.

If you want something to celebrate this Thursday but the US holiday isn't doing it for you, my procedural holiday calendar has also designated it "Graveyardsgiving", a perfect chance to take the family for a stroll in a nearby cemetery.


For the youngsters here, the Max Headroom TV hijacking was, I believe, the greatest hack of my lifetime. I hope it’s never solved. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_He

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Old Timey Drug Use 

I’ve been reading Daily Rituals, How Artists Work by Mason Currey. It’s filled with the daily routines of creative people throughout history. It’s shocking the number of times someone will have a backbreaking routine with incredible output and I’m like, “How did they do… oh it’s amphetamines. Just wild amounts of amphetamines.”

kclibrary.org/blog/protect-you if anyone wants to read about proposed library rules. Which you probably do. And also maybe say something about.

What's the most useful art/craft/photography/writing/anything creative related tutorial you've found recently? Link it! ⬇️

Wandering around the fediverse I just found an account that posts daily picture prompts for artists. Should I make a goal of doing at least one a week to get me working in my sketchbook more consistently?🤔

In the deepest part of my soul I will always believe they should have taken this “I voted” sticker nationwide.

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