I wish the simplest tasks wouldn't wipe me out as bad as they do. I went to the bank earlier today and came home and napped for two hours. I miss being young and full of energy.

Granted this was to make up a lost hour from misreading my schedule the day before, but OOF.

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Starting to think a 9 hour 15 minute shift was a terrible idea. My legs are gonna regret this all week and I've got three days left until my next day off. 😬

Ready to seriously throw hands with homophobes to be honest. 👊🏼

I chickened out on full undercut but it's a lot cooler for work so I'm happy. ☺️

Cry wolf one more time for a cheap laugh, and I'll let you handle the full brunt of the stress and chaos all by yourself next time. Don't fuck with me.

I'm convinced that is for toddlers with no taste buds because it's mostly flavorless.

I've gotten more flavorful ice cream from generic grocery store brands.

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Hey friends! As a reminder, crisis pregnancy centers (which frame themselves as offering abortion then work to push visitors toward anti-choice outcomes) will likely see a lot of traffic and “good press” as anti-abortion action proceeds. These centers often traumatize and outright lie to visitors about their options, e.g. by intentionally misleading you to delay abortion until it is illegal.

In case you were curious, there are resources to find these businesses in your area.


I hate my '' brain. Stop it. I don't want to know what -could've- happened had I been slower on my feet. (?)

Protip: if you drop a paint can and make a mess in the aisle, don't block the employee in at the desk and prevent them from cleaning the spill because someone else is going to slip and fall from walking on the spill. I despise inconsiderate Karens.

Someone put a discarded into a water bottle at work and it's unexpectedly pretty.

Work is haunting me lmfao.

I went to a discount clothing/shoe store and saw these work shoes. It's even got on it. I almost wanted to buy it to wear to work for the lulz but I forgot my shoe size.

That moment when you're waiting for your to dry so you're stuck doing almost next to nothing and feeling awfully unproductive.

Progress photos! First is , second, I guess my seeds weren't duds after all (they're just v slow at sprouting), and somehow my from last November is still alive and making new leaves.

It feels like the Internet at large is conspiring against me when it comes to posting my . Tonight's culprit: . Love how it falsely flags my art as explicit for no good reason.

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Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

Looks like blood 

It just -had- to be that exact color of , didn't it.

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