I sat and crocheted and had one drink and watched Scarface at a friend's place until like 2 AM. And I feel like I got run over by a freight train.

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You know you're getting when you can't be out after midnight without feeling completely trashed when you wake up for the day. It wasn't like I was hardcore partying either. 🪦

About as challenging as catching an avocado at the ideal ripeness level. Nigh impossible. 😩

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That moment when you force yourself to drink slightly too-hot tea because if you let it sit for 28 milliseconds more, it'll be as cold as tap water. 🫤🍵

So uh, has shit out in September. Can't even wait to set it out until after Halloween. 🙄

I hope my therapist is ready to handle a volcano of . I worked so hard to repress/forcefully forget that shit and it comes exploding out last night bad enough I was kept up two hours after getting into bed.

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Citric Acid

Long ago, the four flavor crystals lived together in harmony...

behavior: going to a restaurant to not order any food, directing nosy and invasive af questions at a staff member, then angrily preaching religious beliefs to them when they never asked to listen to ranting to begin with.

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I feel like we need more options for titles & honorifics in society. (like 'Dr.' and whatnot). So here are some things I think there should be a honorific for: (by no means exhaustive)

- bus drivers & other public transit operators
- teachers & other education professionals
- plumbers
- food service workers
- people who foster rescue animals
- nurses
- webforum & social media moderators
- people who've beaten the shadow temple in Ocarina of Time

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workers: united states can we have international worker's day?
united states: we have worker's day at home
worker's day at home: (retail and food service are busier than usual)

Plain Greek : Tastes like vomit and laid waste to my GI tract like I drank three gallons of whole milk in one sitting. -10,000/10, would only recommend to my worst enemies.

I think I'll start implementing a tax. Pay me $250.00 in cold hard cash for every second you ogle my breasts.

Regarding types: how much of my personality type is actually just characteristics of being ?

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it’s almost spooky season. 👻

can’t wait to curl up in 90 degree weather with my hot cider and sweater while the climate goes to shit.

Tfw you get eight hours of but feel even -more- wiped out than the night before. 🤨 Being ill sucks.

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