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Federal prosecutors have Trump on tape in 2021 acknowledging he kept a classified Pentagon document about a potential attack on Iran, sources say

To you limited few following me, I'm moving to I'm getting errors trying to do an account migration so the two dozen of you that follow me will be missing my insights until you follow me there.

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As many of you know, there's been a few focused attempts at spamming the fediverse with crypto offers. The wat this is currently happening is that someone is registering hundreds or thousands of accounts on an instance (first it was, and most recently and then proceeding to post messages with links to get your free crypto. These messages are sent using the "mentioned people only" visibility setting, meaning that if you're not tagged in them, you don't know that this issue is happening. It's unclear how spam victims are selected, however it's very likely collecting user names recently appearing in timelines.

Obviously, just like with spam and malicious emails, if you receive one of these messages, you should not click on links - at best it's a scam, and at worst, it's something that will attempt to steal passwords or install malware - usually for the purpose of stealing your identity, your money, and so on. If you receive such a message, simply use the reporting function on your instance to report the spam to your moderators and the moderators of the originating instance.

For this particular tactic, it is prudent to consider disabling direct messages from people you don't follow. To do that, go to settings, preferences, notifications, and check the box next to "Block direct messages from people you don't follow" at the bottom of the screen. It's also possible to block the domain of the spammers, however it's important to note that doing so will remove all your followers and follows on that domain.

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This is a reminder that April is Procrastination Awareness Month.

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"You are the Chosen O-"
"-ne... What?"
"Or is it still? Did you choose me before? Anyway, I baked muffins. Want one?"
"But... You are the Chosen One!"
"Yes. I'm everyone's chosen one. Fate said it's their little joke."
"Tall, carries a book. Muffin?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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President Biden cites facts that white supremacy terror is America’s greatest domestic security threat—and MAGAs lose their minds.

Here’s the thing.

I’m Muslim. I don’t feel attacked when people condemn the Taliban because Taliban do not represent Muslims and I proudly take the lead in condemning Taliban terrorism.

If you’re MAGA white and feel personally attacked when Biden condemns white supremacy terror—you are absolutely telling on yourself.

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When you copy/paste 8 lines, and change 8 letters in 3 words, you're making yourself go slower, tho it feels faster.

It saves typing! But, thinking is the bottleneck, not typing.

Sound thinking depends on good data.

Good data depends on your senses.

By perceiving those 200-odd characters as a one-off, *even* *as* *you* *make* *them* an N-off, your senses are failing you.

Those 8 lines are a thing. A variable? A method? A class?

Make them a thing, and give them a meaningful name.

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I once had a job in a factory making plastic Draculas. There were only two of us on the production line, so I had to make every second count.

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Best explanation I've seen of why the Paradox of Tolerance is no paradox at all.


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Screw "this meeting could have been an email".

What about "this YouTube video could have been a blog post"?

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Duck Duck Go has suddenly started serving ads at the top of every search now. Popup blockers won't work on BBC and NPR sites for any browser. Guess I'm going to have to turn JavaScript off for many sites and stop using search engines.

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Thom Hartmann says it "sure looks like bribery" when Clarence Thomas cast the tie-breaking vote to gut the Voting Rights act after Leonard Leo laundered at least $80,000 from the Judicial Education Project, which had an amicus brief before the court in favor of gutting the Voting Rights act. And when the laundered money ended up in the hands of Clarence Thomas's wife Ginni.

#ClarenceThomas #SupremeCourt #corruption #ethics #GinniThomas #LeonardLeo #FederalistSociety

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Since the #GOP love efficiency

My $SPOUSENAME and I are devastated to hear of the horrific shooting in $CITYNAME. Our thoughts and prayers are with $COUNTYNAME and my team is working with $GOVERNORNAME and $LISTSTATEAGENCIES. Now is not the time for politics.

#allentexas #masshooting #formletter #mailmerge

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An organization that
treats its programmers
as morons
will soon have
programmers that
are willing and able
to act like morons only.

~ Bjarne Stroustrup


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