Not picking up your dog shit when they go on a parks department outdoor rink is next level

I’m at a father daughter dance and the theme is 80’s. One, none of the kids know what this means. Two, I think some of the grownups are perhaps a bit too earnest in their costumes. For example, the guy in the white Jean jacket with a single cross earring.

I made a very messy cherry pie with last seasons slightly under ripe cherries b

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Longpost tech ops story -- How I deleted an entire MMO 

I know the guy who’s printing these - the worlds fair is pretty interesting, a lot of firsts. Go read devil in the white city for some awesome background.

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little a salami, as a treat
little a pastrami, can't be beat
little bit o' tuna, from a can
little bit o' you makes me your man

Southwest just sent me free drink coupons. First of all, sweet. Second of all, I’m not sure they charged me for the last drink I ordered onboard. It’s the thought that counts I suppose.

Any good hockey follows in the ‘verse?

Help I have a Justin Bieber song stuck in my head.

Today I learned that it’s really trivial to remove bloodstains from hockey gloves. Those synthetic materials are spot on.

Free idea: a sim / task management game except its for running a household. All the fun of taking out the trash, replacing that light bulb, touching up the trim, and vacuuming the floor!

Here’s a tip: for a fancy Mexican feast plate each serving with retired bean quenelles and jalapeño tournée

Two great things about new job: calendar sync to Apple Watch, and really empty calendar.

Maybe I’m not dading it right but reading kids stories at bed has become my time to go on auto pilot and think through tech problems at work. There’s only so many berenstain bears I can take.

Who stops to chat up the clerk in the express line?!

✅ with the chiefs toot tooted I can now say that all continental breakfast eggs taste like hot sauce but that’s 💯 me.

Am obligated to say before posting anything else on go chiefs

My legend of a Lyft driver just stopped at a crosswalk for a guy in full camo.

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