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[pruning the flowers off my plant cause it needs to focus on growing leaves & stems & roots right now]: go to horny jail

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ur in her dm's
i'm consulting my grandmother's coven to find a way to free u
she's a powerful sorceress & i warned u this was a trap

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My tiny tabletop civilization builder game is on sale on @itchio@twitter.com for 2 more weeks! Get countless new worlds for just $0.99--who could ask for a better deal??


I took my kids sledding today. The youngest was having trouble getting up a steep spot when an older kid gave him a hand up. It was a nice spot of solidarity slightly spoiled by hearing him reach the top and bellow to his fellows “okay let’s crush those pussies!”

Who wants to go to Minneapolis and play pond hockey with me next weekend?

heeeeey so anyone wanna join me for a pond hockey tournament in St. Paul this January?

This morning I played pond hockey, and this evening I’m sitting on the back deck cooking pizza. This is an excellent winter day.

Companies keep emailing me to say it’s cyber Monday but nobody’s hitting me up with the a/s/l?

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Choose a GTA remaster bug to implement in the real world:

I’m on the airport shuttle and this guy just dead ass got on the bus without a mask on and *didn’t have one with him*

Does he not know how flying works? What the hell was he expecting?

I think I saw someone dressed up as Ted Lasso but I didn’t want to ask and be wrong.

Today I know I’m old because I used :D instead of 😁

Pineapple on pizza sounds normal and delicious but pineapple calzone sounds like reason for the state to give me a psych eval.

This weekend I saw a smart car at Costco. With a passenger. I’m not sure they’d even have room for a Costco size of saffron in there. I bet they just came for a hot dog.

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wasted an evening figuring out why trees were rendering too big in this game; turns out they were using log scaling

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