Went out to pick some herbs and we almost had praying mantis instead of rosemary focaccia.

I didn’t think I wanted another pint glass from the Kansas City library summer reading program but turns out I really dig the winged cat and also libraries.

Okay you’re good on the ice but can you cook? This is a deeply strange timeline.

I wonder if my cat thinks I’m a jerk for always leaving his treats in these awkward cups

Guess what corner I was shooting for?

Last shot of the set was a beaut, bar down into the pocket.

I knew restaurants used a lot of butter but not like set the market price amounts of butter.

Well chief, we found a stick blender but they filed the serial number off. Your standard Saturday night special.

I gave myself a 'rona haircu at homet and it's not far off from the detective miller special. I love The Expanse and I don't feel bad about it.

I love this advertisement and also I love electricity biscuits

Welp, here’s what a chocolate angel food cake looks like!

First they came for the tp and now this poor auto center is down to their last three rakes.

Omg uttapam batter in the aebleskiver pan works like a treat. Let the international round food feast commence!

I found my old cards from when I was an exchange student. Can you believe they sent that schmuck to India for a year?

Just look at this place and tell me skating rinks aren’t a national treasure. The carpet. The lamps. The lights. The faux stone on cinderblock. The whole is greater than the sum.

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