Building amenities at HQ now include an ice rink! I don’t work from HQ. 😕

This third pictogram is effective, communicative, and a bit extra.

Wow yeah we all must be working from home these days

That’s a lot of days. I’m gonna have a party when I hit 3k.

Learn a language with me for free! Duolingo is fun, and proven to work. Here’s my invite link: ‎

What country is this guy from I don’t recognize any of these flags

Found wrapping paper like this am I raising a sociopath?

SO to these amazing shoes I’ve had in my closet for 20 years.

Thanks kids for bringing up a fresh roll of paper towels I guess.

I just bought a new steel shovel and I am ready to name it. I can scrape down to the concrete in one wide strip. It’s the suburban dad equivalent of pimple popping, so satisfying.

Well here’s the state of the grocery store discount basket. Sorry chiefs.

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