How’s my tv gonna get screensaver photos when G+ shuts down eh?

I would stand up but I’m afraid I’ll get knifed.

I can't remember if I shared this gem of a design so I'll share it again. It's a web form asking for a zip code in a drop down.

To its mild credit, it was a local site and there was a small range of acceptable zip codes but still.

KCMO has zero chill on this etax filing. I hope they get a sense of pride and accomplishment from having settled this account up.

Today I bought a box from ikea, painted it, altered it, mounted it on some spare brackets and then zip tied it to the top bunk so my kid has a shelf for her alarm clock.

The measure app in IOS is awesome. I could do this myself but having a photo with built in measurements is super helpful and I’m gonna need all the help I can get at ikea.

This scale is broken and full of lies and I’m sending it back

My wife: why do you look like you got caught? Or that your hiding something? No, maybe embarrassed?

Me: *shows her Chewbacca themed blazer*

I broke the cash register. The clerk did not think it as cool as I did.

Thanks Apple, better keep bugging me with this dialog that I can't turn off.

With enough hardware I could have a WiFi sous vide controller too.

I mean the cats basically holding his chin out for shaving right now anyway.

I took this pretty amazing selfie yesterday. Guess where the sun was.

I made candies tangerine slices and they look pretty

Forget is wearing a tie and a wristwatch. He’s got a briefcase too. Business frog.

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