Trying to improve my shooting and of course as soon as I relax it a bit instead of trying to cannon one out my accuracy goes up. I shoulda figured this out 150 pucks ago.

What's that, it's 10pm on a friday? No better time for a shitpost!

I finally got a slo-mo video of my cat sneezing. It's kinda gross but funny to see his right lip curl up.

Betty Raes is making avocado toast ice cream and at least they’re using the best bread in the city to do it?

😭my home brew club presented me with my own mash paddle! It has my name engraved on it and everything

I played ice hockey at line creek yesterday. It was fun.

I was playing roller hockey and it got logged as a walk complete with gps so here’s where I skated I guess

Really excited about the iOS 13 feature that makes it look like you’re staring at the camera when you’re looking at the screen!

The empire has a shield generator positioned on the forest moon Endor

Who wants to play roller hockey? Just ignore the two smashed corona bottles on the west half.

I am so ready for these cherries. This is the first year the backyard tree has born a significant amount of fruit and I feel very rewarded.

There was a walnut tree growing in a planter. I can tell because the root was attached to a walnut.

I left it on the concrete and a squirrel grabbed the walnut within a day.

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