😭my home brew club presented me with my own mash paddle! It has my name engraved on it and everything

I played ice hockey at line creek yesterday. It was fun.

I was playing roller hockey and it got logged as a walk complete with gps so here’s where I skated I guess

Really excited about the iOS 13 feature that makes it look like you’re staring at the camera when you’re looking at the screen!

The empire has a shield generator positioned on the forest moon Endor

Who wants to play roller hockey? Just ignore the two smashed corona bottles on the west half.

I am so ready for these cherries. This is the first year the backyard tree has born a significant amount of fruit and I feel very rewarded.

There was a walnut tree growing in a planter. I can tell because the root was attached to a walnut.

I left it on the concrete and a squirrel grabbed the walnut within a day.

I painted a fence the other day and now I have a new relationship with Tom Sawyer.

I don’t know what prompted them to plant a fuck your tree by the park

If I’m lucky these are all going to turn into delicious sweet cherries.

Despite the teens outward appearance I think she’s enjoying this egg hunt.

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