Wow yeah we all must be working from home these days

Did you know that rally house does not sell sporting kc scarves? I did not ask for an explanation why because there is none.

Turning 40 soon and finally ready to get rid of my 8th grade gym shorts. The elastic has rotted out.

@thomasfuchs I wish. I tried to make a talking stan slackmoji but it didn't catch on. I was sad.

@rappet @float13 reminds me of the flying wires from early integrated circuits:

I wonder if they’re coming back in style? 🤔

@RabidCadaver Well this is eerie that's exactly what I sharpied on my mirror for my daily mantra.

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outside the Alexander Majors House Museum

because when you think of Kansas City, you think of dreamsicle orange

Welcome new people! We've had a veritable flood (like five) signups and I can only presume it's because of some recent stock buyouts. GOOD NEWS I'm already bought out so that's over and done with.

P.S. I'm joking here I just wanted something like this to exist so I made it.

I just remembered this show existed in the 80s and wow now I have to share it with the internet:

It's cargo short and convertible pants season at Costco everyone! Time to stock up!

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For Kansas Citians who don’t want to ignore COVID precautions, The Campground offers a rare chance to take a break from their worries.

Gina Kaufmann's latest edition of Real Humans.

@nashhigh this is EXACTLY why I still have the second and third drafts of my freshman year orientation mid-week paper on my laptop.

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Well, if anyone is keeping up on the local timeline you're gonna see a flood of RT bots because I think I perhaps maybe finally got them back to functional. Still seeing some weirdness crossposting and maybe some missed posts but I'm calling it half a loaf is better than none.

Also I upgraded mastodon.

Welcome @r3dwhale and @treesmash ! Sorry for the wait but we get some bots that try to sign up so I just like to vet a bit and make sure it's an actual person.

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