@russellpierce @menzenski Ahha this is the micro services galactica video all over again.

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Join your favorite for a Christmas concert full of holiday cheer! 🎄🍷 December 11 at 4:00pm. Details here: facebook.com/events/6310797221

@SmolSelkie eat it! Or make cheese from it. Really you can do both. Better than lashing people with it.

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We joke about being a , but we're also a nonprofit with a mission to make music accessible to everyone.

For , consider supporting SSKC with a tax-deductible donation. Your gift helps keep the music going. sskc.rocks/donate

@SpicyLilly_ more for us as the quip goes. Except when the pie is gone and I realize I ate the entire pie.

@potatoMoose and not a cat backpack in sight! I always threaten my cat with one of those. He plays it cool though.

It’s discount pumpkin pie days how many extras did you all snag they freeze well you can keep them and have pumpkin pie all year round no problem every size just look in the discount bins

@nashhigh and then weeblo firefighters rush in to put out the most adorable little house fire!

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@nashhigh harvested from live trees when they’re drifting off to sleep too. Brutal.

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"We've got Five Nights At Freddy's at home"

Five Nights At Freddy's at home:

@nashhigh It's turnabout for ignoring upgrades for so long. I suppose maybe 4 at some point, or maybe different hosting arrangements but for today it looks good.

Well that was a ride. Just updated to mastodon 3.5.5 but terraform was having problems talking to AWS so I updated terraform to 0.12 which is a big jump because the syntax changed and it depended on a module that wasn't maintained so I had to fork that and upgrade it too and then I guess my github auth had expired on my laptop so I had to fix that too and I think it's okay now. 🤞

@malcook @autumn it does! I can try it out but a brief search the other night raised questions about what it means for federation or external servers. If you don’t mind some possible weirdness around that I can change it. For clarity: what would you like it to be?

@SpicyLilly_ good idea thanks! I’m asking my local high school contacts too, seems like a good job for them.

@SmolSelkie I worked remotely from there one time! Amazing place to like, video call or walk and talk. Though the coffee / fertilizer combo scent is a little weird.

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