@MikeG1 @fribbledom I should have know you’d be doing things right. I am happy to know that!

@fribbledom A) that sounds like a 90’s band, and B) every time I remember that avocados used to be called alligator pears but it fell out of style I get sad.

😭my home brew club presented me with my own mash paddle! It has my name engraved on it and everything

I played ice hockey at line creek yesterday. It was fun.

I was playing roller hockey and it got logged as a walk complete with gps so here’s where I skated I guess

Really excited about the iOS 13 feature that makes it look like you’re staring at the camera when you’re looking at the screen!

hey hey the city RT bots are back, for those of you who really missed them...

“Sorry to bother you guys, however [daughters friend] has been worried about [daughter] lately because she has not seen her on roblox and wanted me to check in with you guys to make sure that she is OK?”

An actual text I received today.

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Who should I follow for random interesting things, low shitpost and mostly posting in english (like 60%)?

You can reply with yourself.
Boost ok

The empire has a shield generator positioned on the forest moon Endor

@preppyredhead As the sysadmin I'm obligated to say yes!

Actually the number of users on KCMO.social is low, but since it's mastodon we're on the fediverse and there are as many people out there as you can find

wow what a nice shiny mastodon version 2.9.2 we have here you all must have a really kind and benevolent sysadmin-is person I guess cool

Soy, almond, cashew, oat, hazelnut, macadamia all these options for new non-dairy beverages. I’m just gonna come out and call it now, Peanut Milk is the next big thing.

@preppyredhead ha! Thanks! It’s a really pretty and pleasant scene there after skating around.

Who wants to play roller hockey? Just ignore the two smashed corona bottles on the west half.

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