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This month was the last payment I made to private school for the oldest and although I like the school - I am super ready to be done paying tuition. Thank goodness she's onto a public charter next year.

Me, yelling at the laundry


Lousy smarch weather. I was hoping for a pleasant day and not sleet.

This mayoral race is intense, I just had someone canvas the house for it.

I butchered a pineapple this evening. It looks pretty.

Hey what’s the link to that think piece explaining how the sudden surge of rick rolling led to the alt right?

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I just heard a loud discussion in the men’s room about Us. One dude declared the rabbits a motif, and then explained

What a motif is. Like from the dictionary.

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Opened a lemon aid stand without realizing that lemons, for the most part, don't have insurance and now I'm at the end of my parents' driveway, behind a folding table, while ambulances full of lemons keep pulling up, juice dripping out the back, dropping off desperate lemons and not a one of them can fill out my clipboard of forms and agree to a payment structure.

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The fastest and most efficient way to kill a software engineer's professional confidence: put them through the hiring process.

I just got a calendar invite at work that includes a “Scoping week” and a “Grooming week” in the schedule ahead. I’m not sure that’s how agile works peeps. Unless we’re running a 6 month sprint. Which I suppose we are. Cool cool cool.

I woke up this morning and remembered that Beto O’Rourke was in the cDc and he authored several of their text files. The world seems different now.

If your company has a hard time hiring for the higher level positions maybe they should work on that pipeline. Promoting from within and hiring more early career staff seems like it would fix a few problems.

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Reminder: if you don't use JavaScript, you don't get crashes. And don't need loading screens.

I'm liking this post:

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