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I wonder how much money I would have saved if I bought bowling shoes as soon as my feet stopped growing.

Yo how do I get tax breaks for working in Missouri? GM just got 2,700 per job per year when they threatened to cut all the jobs instead of half. I telecommute.

Kansas City: why do you stop ten feet behind the next car at red lights? One of these days I’m going to back into that spot you’re leaving.

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I painted a fence the other day and now I have a new relationship with Tom Sawyer.

Question: am I already living in a world where I can say “hey Siri send toot”?

I don’t know what prompted them to plant a fuck your tree by the park

If I’m lucky these are all going to turn into delicious sweet cherries.

I think I saw Diana Kander at lunch and get this: she was eating lunch too!!

Anyone I know doing the AWS Deep Racer program? Looking to see if there's a community out there with more docs, ideas, support, etc.

Instead of hard boiled eggs I made soft boiled eggs. In some cases quite soft. I will not be using them for deviled eggs. Maybe ramen.

Despite the teens outward appearance I think she’s enjoying this egg hunt.

99% sure that tautologies were invented by someone with a toddler who said why too much.

It wasn’t on the first pull but I did get the lawnmower to start this season so that’s some kind of accomplishment.

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