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“Never trumper” just just not gonna be the new RINO. Stop trying to make fetch happen.

Indoor plumbing is really great until it stops working.

What's that, it's 10pm on a friday? No better time for a shitpost!

Grapefruit hi chew are the best hi chew I am committed to this.

Who had “Apollo 13 moment” in meeting bingo?

Okay Halloween is over now it’s okay to put up your Turkey lights.

The biggest WTF I’ve heard this month is someone telling me that since service A only does UDP, that they’re going to make a UDP->TCP->UDP bridge to get it through a network device.

Like I don’t have enough wtf emojis to cover that.

As a good joke I bet fiberglass installers bring cotton candy for a snack

Lemon drops sound very nice but nobody wants lemon squirts. Don’t call them that.

I wanna see a pre-written hypothesis, institutional review board result, and post event analysis from the next person who stages a “social-experiment”

Ice skating looks easy when pros do it but this NHL game has a ref catch an edge and fall hard. A good reminder that it’s not easy.

That clothing store only sold clothes in one size and on one hand that’s kind of genius from a stock perspective but also kinda shit from a person perspective.

This clothing store has lots of seating like stools and benches but they stack shirts on them. So close.

There’s a Lexus dealership at the corner of Braddock rd and Quaker ln and wtf?

Yesterday, in honor of the season I had a pumpkin spice protein bar. I’m doing my part for the season.

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