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My cat almost fell off my desk and I got tail whipped in the throat. For being covered in fur that tail has a surprising sting.

What if my sweater is in fact not getting eaten by moths but it’s just made with bad yarn that falls apart? I’m just following the clues here, as the inky sweater that seems to get more holes every year I have to 🤔

Someone called the house and it took me two rings to recognize the sound. It’s been a while.

My son is leaking hot tears because we won’t let him go down the steep stairs backwards.

Is sparkling wine and chocolate cupcakes a classic pairing or only in my head because it sounds really great to me.

Driving to hockey and I get to play a game. That smell: is it my gear or something out side of the car?

Kinda weird to have conversations in French with my daughter. Fun though.

Snow predicted -> I buy hot cocoa mix -> kids immediately drink cocoa and only cocoa as fast as they can -> every mug in the house is dirty and we have zero clean spoons. 🦶 🔫

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@tsturm @radikalgrafitio "The sickly light of a flickering neon sign across the street washed through the slats of the venetian blinds in my office window. Somewhere, the pinched wails of a bluesy sax cried out into the night. I'd sent Dolores home early so I could get some thinking done. By the inch of liquor still left in the bottle, I'd say I'd already thought quite a bit. 'Datetime libraries,' I muttered at the oily swirls of grime on the wall. 'Why is it always datetime libraries?' "

I just overheard two guys in suits at a hotel breakfast table talking about RIFs and I had to do a double take to see if I knew them.

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halving your LOC by eliminating every line where you turned off the linter

I tried to rearrange my phones home screen and already got bit by my own auto pilot swiping.

Trying to improve my shooting and of course as soon as I relax it a bit instead of trying to cannon one out my accuracy goes up. I shoulda figured this out 150 pucks ago.

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I just remembered that last night at dinner, I said, "the marshmallow test is for teaching your kid to be a fucking bootlicker" to a person with children

Ah there it is. We're back. If anyone was curious, the rails cache had some constants cached in it that no longer existed in v3.0.1. Peeping at the logs showed that one. Rails.cache.clear fixed it right up.

Of course sunday the 5th is the correct day to upgrade to mastodon 3.0.1. Because I'm sitting in front of my laptop doing nothing but watching robot trains with a 3 year old.

Welcome @alarmedsurprise ! We're a little quiet but I'm working on building and we're in the fediverse so follow some interesting people!

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