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Welp, here’s what a chocolate angel food cake looks like!

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So there are bathroom vent fans with built-in Bluetooth speakers. I know this because one of my neighbors has one, and it's unsecured.

I also know they just turned it off, because Baby Shark just jumped back to my own speakers.

Hey if any new people are looking for a good iOS mastodon client I’ve enjoyed Toot! but it’s not the only option.

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The 1000s of monkeys I'm sheltering-in-place with have so far only typed out "King Year," a play about a king who distributes his kingdom to his three "laughters."

We're so close.

I could have made a chocolate matcha swirl. Too late better make another.

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I forgot I ordered this print a while back, it came in the mail yesterday and when I opened it this afternoon I started ugly laughing. I can't get a frame for it right now, so it's attached to the sleeve it came in and propped on the shelf near my record player. "Everything Is Fine", indeed.

("Ten Of Swords Everything Is Fine" from the Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle.)

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During the outbreak, the Library is working with our providers to not only ensure you can continue to enjoy these services, but to also expand available items, temporarily increase borrowing limits and more. source:

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remember to switch out of your nighttime pajamas and into your daytime pajamas

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Which flavor angel food cake to bake (I will not share)

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Sorry, but I’m watching the union episode of Deep Space Nine and it’s amazing? I can’t even imagine something so pro-labour airing on television today.

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Mayor Quinton Lucas has announced a 'stay at home' order for Kansas City, Missouri, starting Tuesday; similar orders will go into effect for the rest of Jackson County, as well as Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas. source:

First they came for the tp and now this poor auto center is down to their last three rakes.

I just cleaned out ephemera stretching back to middle school and it’s clear to me now that I was an idiot.

That’s probably the worst part of being immortal. Centuries of dumb moves and regrets piling up behind you forever.

I spent months contemplating my lack of a good workout playlist and just yesterday realized I could make a streaming service do it for me. 🤦🏼‍♂️

I dunno what kind of white person grocery store I’m going to but they were totally out of potatoes, ginger, and cilantro, yeast and flour.

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