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This morning my son pouted for a solid 20 minutes because he didn’t want a Nutella crepe for breakfast.

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My 3yo just started rattling off the names of all the stops on the Manhattan bound F train and it feels like he's singing a nostalgic song from a long sunken city

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Folks who are upset about Rowling and need a new series about magical kids being sent to face threats that adults really should be the ones handling should check out Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor.

I had another birthday which had shown me that now I’m old enough to be interested in low calorie beer. Thanks dogfish head.

I smashed the 20% tip instead of the 30% tip button at black hole bakery this morning and hopefully that’s the worst thing I feel regret over today.

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i built a tool for quickly scrubbing metadata from images and selectively painting / blurring faces and identifiable features. it runs on a phone or computer directly in the browser, and doesn't send info anywhere:

Yesterday I was at the Holmes rink and saw a bat fly overhead. I'm not sure where it was going but I felt safe because it was not bursting into flames in the sunlight so I figured the chance of catching the Vampire Disease was low.

Nothing like taking a laptop outside to demonstrate just how dusty the screen is.

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Fun photography tip: floppy disks are infrared pass filters and your mobile phone camera might be sensitive to the near IR that passes through.

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I just picked up Neko Atsume and I’m only like seven years late. Gonna have so many cat photos to share.

Welcome abored @randalljgreene ! Sorry for the approval process but there are a lot of bots and odd signups - so far it seems easier for me to review signups than to inspect new users and kick the weird ones.

I wonder if my cat thinks I’m a jerk for always leaving his treats in these awkward cups

My Mom: Those anti vaccine people are wrong and the corona virus is not a hoax!

Also My Mom: Radial tires have had GPS tracking enabled for ten years.

Today I discovered something about myself which is that I’m the kind of person who mail orders 25lbs of pizza flour.

The customer images on this product are pretty great.

Top Performance Cat Grooming Bag

Guess what corner I was shooting for?

Last shot of the set was a beaut, bar down into the pocket.

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