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I take back every bad thing I’ve said about parades. A solid parade sounds real good about now.

Hey if anyone is looking for a ruby position here’s one where I could haze you:

I would not actually haze and there are other positions in there too if Ruby’s not your thing.

There is a packet of hot cocoa mix in the bathroom trash can and I’m a little afraid to ask the kids why.

I just saw a squirrel die under a car tire and now I’m all sad thinking about it’s little squirrel life.

I’m drinking a pumpkin spice cider to own the self.

I just plugged my phone into my computer to sync it and now I feel old.

welcome @menzenski - sorry for the delay! I've got to keep it on an approval basis to keep the spam bots out.

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there is nothing quite like the thrill of telling a native english speaker upset about pronouns that shakespeare used singular they

I just spaced out and out the wrong vermouth in my Manhattan so yeah I’ve faced adversity.

I just discovered that those glass yoplait oui jars have removable stickers on them, so you can eat the yogurt and keep the decorated but unbranded jar.

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Went out to pick some herbs and we almost had praying mantis instead of rosemary focaccia.

Reminder: do not expect accurate results on election night. Tell yourself this, tell your friends. We will not be able to call it.

I just drove past a sign for inquest marketing and I’ve gotta say their focus groups sound terrifying.

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