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Shotgun is a terrible name. Pretty sure guns shoot.

I just used the brush in the ice scraper to scoot crumbs out of the van so that’s today’s accomplishment.

From now on I’m going to enter every coffee shop and ask loudly “what wave is this?”

This gas pump is so slow a fast charger would have saved me time.

My oldest started her first job as a hostess this week. She closed yesterday, working til 10:30 or so. Today she’s due there around 9:30. She does not look pleased but I’m enjoying it.

My kid said she didn’t sleep in the car on the way home but after the kids album was over I pivoted into Radiohead. She listened to most of OK computer and she didn’t say a word.

I hope the Germans are working on their naming because this year of pandemic seems to have given rise to a whole lot of new feelings.

Free Idea: A zoom plugin that tells you how long each person spends talking in a call.

For when your 1:1’s seem more like 1:0.1’s

If I ever forget how midwestern my youth was I remember how we put canned, sliced olives and shredded cheddar cheese on both tacos, and spaghetti.

I donated once to a charity and I’m pretty sure by now they’re just going to spend it all on mailing me requests for more money.

SO to these amazing shoes I’ve had in my closet for 20 years.

Can I give a gentle watch to this guy behind me in line who keeps creeping forward?

I’m making a tuna melt using tuna in kimchi sauce and American cheese slices and I can’t figure out if I’m an abomination or a mashup genius.

Speaking of jobs can we agree that if companies run you through the complete hiring process that they’re obligated to give a final answer? It’s no big loss for me, I found a good place and ghosting is gonna happen but final round ghosting feels like I should put them on my never ever list and I don’t like having that list. Bullet dodged I guess.

Gonna start a new job soon. This is my chance to be that guy who always shows up on video calls wearing Elizabethan collars.

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