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We process over a petabyte of streaming data per day at work. That’s pretty amazing. Go us!

Yesterday I rode a fixie bike to the library while wearing khakis and a polo shirt and no socks and I rolled one pant leg up and also I had my hair in a small pony tail so that was another good "how did I get here?" moment in my life.

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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but change your passwords.

What country is this guy from I don’t recognize any of these flags

Today I know I’m old because I bought a carpet cleaner and I’m enjoying using it.

Relaying for a solid friend:

Hey all! My two older boys started Cub Scouts this year and are selling popcorn to help replace aging camping gear and provide financial assistance for fellow scouts with less financial resources. Any support would be greatly appreciated.

Transparency: yes the prices are high; however, ~67% of all revenue goes directly to the scouts

If you’re able to help, thank you! (this splits clicks evenly between the two kids)

If this lady is blasting music at the public rink with liberal language including the n word I can have her give my five year old the talk right?

This hotel is so hipster, the robes are extra long hoodies

This hotel is so hipster it has an electric kettle and a pour over cone.

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Remember kids: The difference between an amateur and a professional is how well you hide the your ignorance behind a veneer of confidence

I’m considering staying with the wheel of the series and reading them all in order but also that sounds crazy. This may be a cry for help.

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It's time! 1.0 is officially out!

It's a strange little text-only modular music engine, and I'm very excited to share it with you all!

This morning I said “Hey Siri, grind some coffee” and I got fresh ground coffee so my life has gone full ridiculous.

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