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Building amenities at HQ now include an ice rink! I don’t work from HQ. 😕

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We joke about being a , but we're also a nonprofit with a mission to make music accessible to everyone.

For , consider supporting SSKC with a tax-deductible donation. Your gift helps keep the music going.

It’s discount pumpkin pie days how many extras did you all snag they freeze well you can keep them and have pumpkin pie all year round no problem every size just look in the discount bins

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"We've got Five Nights At Freddy's at home"

Five Nights At Freddy's at home:

Well that was a ride. Just updated to mastodon 3.5.5 but terraform was having problems talking to AWS so I updated terraform to 0.12 which is a big jump because the syntax changed and it depended on a module that wasn't maintained so I had to fork that and upgrade it too and then I guess my github auth had expired on my laptop so I had to fix that too and I think it's okay now. 🤞 if anyone wants to read about proposed library rules. Which you probably do. And also maybe say something about.

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It's Sunday morning and I'm heading down to the Roasterie Factory Cafe on W. 27th where I'll be from 9:30 am on. Feel free to drop by and say "hi !"

My kids’ French immersion school is so comprehensive he just corrected my wife’s pronunciation.

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I'm Devin, married to love of my life, w/ couple of kids. I'm a lifelong Kansan, grew up on a farm in Jewell County, north of Mankato. I graduated from White Rock HS 1991, K-State 1996 w/a BS Agronomy & Natural Resources.
I'm an education advocate by necessity, seeing my kids' K classes bursting at the seams.
I walked carrying a brick from my Dad's & Grandpa's one room schoolhouse 60+ miles to Topeka w/friends to raise awareness to elected officials of lack of public school $.

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Happy Saturday everyone! Looking to go have an afternoon coffee around KC. Any suggestions?

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Somehow I created my account with 2 leading upcase letters in the handle. Is it possible to get it changed to all lowercase? Or is it too late?

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posts are always tricky!

I’m a geeky art director on the Kansas side of the KC metro. I have also been volunteering as an election worker for the last several years.

Here are just a few of the things I am interested in: 

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I'm a Missourian, a graduate of Long Island University library school, and currently work in the government records sector in Overland Park, Kansas. I've posted a brief description of my current book project which you can find pinnned to the top of my feed but without a hashtag. May work it over and try again soon. Excited to be able to connect with local folks on here, as I found it rather difficult doing so on Twitter. I moved back to the Midwest in 2015.

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Making my first post here, recently moved from Twitter but can’t say I’ve brought a lot of followers wit me. Working on a book documenting the amazing creativity and commemorative activity in Iowa City, & communities like Dubuque and La Crosse along the Mississippi during the decade of Iowa territorial centennial. Enterprise has been largely forgotten; era now better known for the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Learn more about my life and loves by checking out my profile

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don't want no guy that's a fae
a fae is a guy that can stay away from me
hanging out on some fallen log
in a misty bog
and trying to holler at me

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JOHNNY: Alexis! David! Did you eat the plums that were in the icebox?
ALEXIS: What is an icebox?
DAVID: Why are you talking like that?
JOHNNY: The plums! In the fridge! That I was saving for the continental breakfast!
DAVID: I told you he was saving them for breakfast.
ALEXIS: This was *your* idea, David! Yes. Okay? We ate the plums. But we left you a note.
JOHNNY: What note?! There is no note!
ALEXIS: Yeah there is... the note David left you.
DAVID: Me? *You* were supposed to leave the note!

KC, I need some hands to install Christmas lights for me this year. Nothing too fancy, but every site looks like a lead generation scam. Anyone know of a handyman or actual local company that can do this for me?

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I have stopped
the microservices
that were in
the infrastructure

and which
you were probably
for authentication

Forgive me
they were 1000+
so many
and so wasteful

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Oh man... just found that the "MASTO 95" theme is the correct way to use this site.

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