"I think I’m the first one. They start the poke here, there. Everybody copies me."

Bob Wasabi on poke bowls and buying only the best fish, from @andreatudhope.

kcur.org/post/poke-bowls-becam source: twitter.com/kcur/status/113233

An investigation found only about 50 percent of the 92,000 calls to Missouri Adult Abuse Hotline were answered in 2018.

The attorney general's office is now investigating.

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RT @NWSKansasCity: The rainfall numbers over the past few months are incredibly impressive. Here are the rankings on the 131-year record fo… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/113224

RT @KCURMichael: @cjjanovy @larodrig @kcur More than 7700 without power right now according to the KCPL outage page. It’s gonna get messy t… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/113209

RT @NWSKansasCity: Well... this afternoon will kick off a multi-day push of thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. We'll take it one day at a ti… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/113202

RT @ksnewsservice: Solar panel users in Kansas are still paying the demand fees that Evergy promised they'd remove from solar customers' bi… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/113201

RT @KCURUpToDate: The mayoral election is less than a month away, and we have Councilwoman @joliejustus sitting down with @Ptsbrian to disc… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/113195

RT @GovParsonMO: By signing House Bill 126 today, we are sending a strong signal to the nation that, in Missouri, we stand for life, protec… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/113195

RT @KCURMichael: Another job opening at @kcur - this one for those of you with great voices and button-pushing skills:

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RT @Ptsbrian: A private signing ceremony for landmark abortion legislation seems extraordinarily unusual. t.co/L4YBzS… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/113194

RT @J_Hancock: . @GovParsonMO is signing legislation criminalizing abortion after 8 weeks of pregnancy as I type this tweet, according to h… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/113194

RT @jvergara: When the temp soar, if you prefer your proteins chilly & raw, then have I got a @kcurCST show on @kcur for you! Join, @GinaKC… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/113194

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