Basketball fans can once again root for Kansas women's teams in their March Madness brackets

RT @ScottCanon: It looks like Republican leadership is on board with legalizing medical marijuana in Kansas. But the rules will be stricter…

RT @KHNews: Gun buying among African Americans has soared in recent years. So have suicide rates among young Black men. Suicide prevention…

RT @NPR: In just the first 3 months of this year, more than 20 states moved on legislation targeting LGBTQ youth.

That includes restrictio…

Lawmakers look ready to legalize medical marijuana, but likely won't let Kansans vape or smoke it

State lawmakers find themselves on the verge of legalizing marijuana for medical use, but with stricter rules than the way cannabis has been cleared for use in other states.

RT @SteveVockrodt: The student allegedly shot at a school officer when the officer tried to intervene. The officer returned fire. All three…

RT @SteveVockrodt: NEW: Records out today provide details of the shooting at Olathe East High School. An assistant principal, acting on a t…

NEW: A court document released on Wednesday provided new details about the March 4 shooting at Olathe East High School. The affidavit said that school officials wanted to search Jaylon Elmore's backpack before he allegedly started shooting.

Olathe East officials got tips that a student was bringing a gun to school

Kansas City's St. Patrick's Day parade is back and set to take place on Thursday, March 17.

As in past years, the parade will begin at 33rd and Broadway and head south to finish at 43rd and Broadway.

A string of recent closures on the Country Club Plaza has some local business owners concerned about the future of the shopping district.

Over the past year, nearly a dozen stores, both national chains and local independent shops, have left the Plaza.

Annual Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day Parade returns to march down Broadway

“It should be clear to you now that this is not a game. The choices you make as a legislator have very real impacts on the lives of people like me and my family,” said Alejandro Rangel-Lopez, lead coordinator for the New Frontiers Project.

RT @PHKCpod: Our amazing intern @han_grybailey is out interviewing people on the street at the Country Club Plaza today!

If you see her, s…

Fault Lines is a show featured on Radio Sputnik, broadcast programming produced in Washington D.C. and funded by the Kremlin. The show regularly airs on KCXL, a small station in Liberty, Missouri that can be heard for miles in any direction.

State Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman is continuing her crusade to make it illegal to help a person in Missouri get an abortion, even if it’s in a different state.

RT @NPR: JUST IN: President Biden approved $800 million more in security assistance to Ukraine — including anti-aircraft systems, small arm…

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