RT @DanMargolies: Judge tosses lawsuit brought by black teenager against KC Police Dept after he was detained and locked up for three weeks… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/110916

RT @KHPAircraft: KHP pilots continue to help monitor the MO River flooding. This morning we surveyed the river levee near Elwood, KS, and t… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/110916

RT @HarvestPM: Solar power + pollinators = a possible winning combination. From @MadelynBeck8 and @ILNewsroom. (Photo credit: @FreshEnergy)… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/110913

RT @peggyllowe: Wow -- this is an aerial shot of the Nishnabotna River levee north of Watson in Atchison County, Missouri. Sent to me by a… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/110913

RT @ksnewsservice: A shortage of social workers in Kansas could prompt the state to loosen its strict licensing standards t.co/959r… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/110913

RT @KCURUpToDate: U.S. Representative @sharicedavids discusses her first few months in Congress, protecting Quindaro, and the recent congre… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/110912

RT @LisaG2530: Consider your local school board candidates when you vote April 2. Thank you to @kcur @KCURCentral for having me. I didn't p… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/110911

RT @kcurCST: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? We're here with Gus Juarez, owner and manager of Los Alamos Market y Cocina. Tune in… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/110911

RT @OverlandParkCC: Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our Executive Tim Freeman at his @kcur ! Watch out 👀 for news on wh… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/110909

RT @KCURMichael: Hello, @kcur and KC folks! Another sunny and mild day ahead for the Kansas City area, with a high of 65 this afternoon - b… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/110909

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