RT @UMKCSOE: Through a grant from the Walton Foundation, @kcur will hire two Education Fellows to serve as part of a greater COVID-reportin… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/134395

RT @rachelnpr: My friend ⁦@nprgreene⁩ is signing off today. I’m popping back into the show to see him off. And yes, he and I might be shari… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/134395

RT @nprgreene: Can’t believe the day is here.

One final show.

Let’s do this.

@MorningEdition & @UpFirst listeners, it has truly been… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/134395

RT @KCURMichael: Hi there, @kcur and KC folks! This Monday morning is starting with a few clouds and the promise of a little sunshine later… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/134356

Rural counties in Missouri are becoming the newest hot spots, but @AlexSmithKCUR reports that many of these places still lack all the tools needed to fight the virus. kcur.org/health/2020-08-12/cor source: twitter.com/kcur/status/129359

RT @KCURMichael: To those of you in the Twitterverse who are looking for something different in the world of employment, here are two new j… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/129358

All 41 of the Kansas City area school districts that @annekniggendorf checked with will require students to wear masks and roughly 30% of districts will begin the year with completely remote learning. kcur.org/education/2020-08-11/ source: twitter.com/kcur/status/129355

RT @KCURUpToDate: Should statues of Andrew Jackson be removed from Jackson County courthouses? Who should decide? 816-235-2888.

We're live… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/129355

RT @KCURUpToDate: At 9am on @kcur:

→ We'll talk Andrew Jackson statues and federal money w/ @TGalvinJC6 and @JalenAAnderson
→ @CAWP_RU's @… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/129354

RT @peggyllowe: That's right: @kcur's @annekniggendorf checked with 41 -- 41!! -- school districts for this. t.co/0h3gg… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/129354

RT @Amplified2020: Hey, we know @andreatudhope!
Follow this thread from @ellemoxley of @KCUR. Topic is student . t.co/… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/129337

RT @ellemoxley: Good evening, ed fam! I've taken a couple of days to relax and recharge, but I'll be livetweeting an important @AmPublicSqu… source: twitter.com/kcur/status/129337

NEW: Wesley Ira Purkey's lawyers say the government deliberately withheld medical records showing that he was incompetent to be executed before rushing ahead with the execution last month. kcur.org/news/2020-08-11/gover source: twitter.com/kcur/status/129329

Researchers around the world are exposing items to a particular kind of ultraviolet light to kill the coronavirus. But nothing is without risks.

Listen on @KCURUpToDate, wherever you get your podcasts. kcur.org/podcast/up-to-date/20 source: twitter.com/kcur/status/129327

Cyndy Ash is one of the many small farmers that don't feel like they're getting the right help from the federal government. @DanaHCronin tells her story for @HarvestPM. kcur.org/news/2020-08-10/help- source: twitter.com/kcur/status/129325

Kansas City restaurant owners are simultaneously dealing with employees testing positive for and less business than usual. How many restaurants will be able to survive? @KCURUpToDate recently asked two how they were doing. kcur.org/podcast/up-to-date/20 source: twitter.com/kcur/status/129322

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