I'm Devin, married to love of my life, w/ couple of kids. I'm a lifelong Kansan, grew up on a farm in Jewell County, north of Mankato. I graduated from White Rock HS 1991, K-State 1996 w/a BS Agronomy & Natural Resources.
I'm an education advocate by necessity, seeing my kids' K classes bursting at the seams.
I walked carrying a brick from my Dad's & Grandpa's one room schoolhouse 60+ miles to Topeka w/friends to raise awareness to elected officials of lack of public school $.

@ksucats96 we have two one-room school houses in the extended family

@ksucats96 You'd probably be shocked to know that someone on here has heard of Mankato, though as a child of Lawrence I am contractually obliged to post this: :jayhawk:

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