When a neighborhood walk with your son turns into a pint (or two) at KC Bier Co.

Life's pleasant surprises.

Somehow I created my account with 2 leading upcase letters in the handle. Is it possible to get it changed to all lowercase? Or is it too late?

Juicy, yeah.
And chill, oh yeah.
This messy shit what dribble on my chin.
What up? They yours?
My bad.

am thinking it's a sign
that the sweet plums in the ice
are delicious and when I ate them they weren't even mine

and I
would have to speculate
that you were trying to save
the plums for breakfast or some day, but I did eat them anyway

and true,
it may seem like a stretch
but it's plums like this that catch
my troubled head when you're away
and I am craving them to death

Just gave some bucks to Kansas City Beacon. I don't know if theirs is the right sustainable new model for journalism, but I'm in for now. I really appreciated their coverage of local electoral processes and issues.

Oh, and KC PBS again gets my support, more for the entertainment value but also for local news.

Yeah. I just re-upped my support for Wikipedia with a yearly donation. I must use them a few dozen times a week.

But speaking locally, where do YOU try to make a difference?

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