Somehow I created my account with 2 leading upcase letters in the handle. Is it possible to get it changed to all lowercase? Or is it too late?

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@malcook oof I’m not seeing much. You could migrate to a new account. Seems weird though.

@MAlcook talk to your instance admin. they should be able to update the casing in the database. i only know because my silly partner did the same thing. 🤪

@autumn thanks. Did you see this suggestion @james ? Make any sense to you?

@malcook @autumn it does! I can try it out but a brief search the other night raised questions about what it means for federation or external servers. If you don’t mind some possible weirdness around that I can change it. For clarity: what would you like it to be?

@james fantastic .... Please... I'm new so happy to take the consequences... Make it malcook please.

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