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Making my first post here, recently moved from Twitter but can’t say I’ve brought a lot of followers wit me. Working on a book documenting the amazing creativity and commemorative activity in Iowa City, & communities like Dubuque and La Crosse along the Mississippi during the decade of Iowa territorial centennial. Enterprise has been largely forgotten; era now better known for the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Learn more about my life and loves by checking out my profile

@timkmak I never subscribed to a substack before, but here we go. I know it'll be good!

Hi all, I’d like to get a sense of the #MormonHistory / #MormonStudies presence here on Mastodon.
If you research and write on the topic - however tangentially - could you like, respond, and/or boost this post? #histodons

= warming cup + energy mix.
“Lincoln Highway in Iowa” research morning at the Des Moines Public Library.

Next for us out east in Ia. = Bear River Recreation Trail, Preston

@jimlindstrom shared here at the request of Jim who however displaced remains a Midwesterner

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jaunt inspired by friendship, the joy of walking, books, and a recent post to the Ghosts of the Milwaukee Road fb group. More of the story here

@oldbritishtelly Latest noteworthy discovery, esp’y the 1978 architectural history series “Six English Towns,” shared this afternoon/evening.

One tiny silver lining of the past few weeks is that they've really underscored how silly it was that anyone ever believed rich people are smarter than everyone else.

The Geography Department at Lund University is recruiting up to 6 professors in human geography, economic geography and development geography. More details here:

The Internet Archive fulfills lots of #ILL requests each day (and on holidays/weekends).

Each one takes a person to do it, so we spread it out to staff around the world.

I love that the highest years are the 1990's...

Keeping our cultural memory alive!

It's Sunday morning and I'm heading down to the Roasterie Factory Cafe on W. 27th where I'll be from 9:30 am on. Feel free to drop by and say "hi !"

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