I'm a Missourian, a graduate of Long Island University library school, and currently work in the government records sector in Overland Park, Kansas. I've posted a brief description of my current book project which you can find pinnned to the top of my feed but without a hashtag. May work it over and try again soon. Excited to be able to connect with local folks on here, as I found it rather difficult doing so on Twitter. I moved back to the Midwest in 2015.

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@caranmegil For that I give you a follow. We're going for a walk this morning if you want to get out. And I already know it's cold. Making coffee rt now.

@mdorn sadly i have two little ones who i just asked and are unwilling to leave the house. otherwise, i would most certainly join you.

@caranmegil we have plans be out of town for Thanksgiving weekend - I will talk to Charlie about planning for a midweek walk after work because we both get off (Rosana Square) at 2pm

@mdorn ouch! i'd have to work in the main office (nearby at the old sprint world hq) to possibly pull that off unless they (unlikely) let us out early.

@caranmegil I have one little one (Russ is 9) and got the same answer but he can chill with my partner - perhaps we can share our stories and get them intrigued enough to join us on a warm morning

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