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my favorite things often come in distros:
- music albums
- zines
- linux

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I should probably do an intro, huh? I'm Nash! I work at a library & make random things [music, games, code stuffs] on the side. I also enjoy sciency things, spooky things, and basically anything in nature~

[forgetting that the router actually belongs to the internet company & covering it entirely in stickers]

the clear defense to widespread facial recognition surveillance is creating hundreds of clones of yourself & your loved ones & releasing them into society

i've been typing on smartphone keyboards for 10 years now & my thumbs still only hit the right keys like 66% of the time

breakfast cereal apothecary crushing up fruity pebbles in a mortar, pouring the dust into a glass phial, hand-writing "fruity pebble powder" on the label in some cryptic ancient script

Back!! I didn't get you anything cause you didn't say you wanted anything. Or if I did get you something, I can't remember what it was

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bout to go to the Nap Realm anybody need anything?

trying to teach facebook's content suggestion algorithm that I don't like anything

Had a dream where I lived in CA & was trying to vote in the recall election but the two options were:
🔲 Yeah but no
🔲 No, but yes

the united systems of the milky way is not going to lift our speed of light limitation if we keep acting like this y'all!!

that movie was beautiful but it left a glider shaped hole in me

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still just really want princess nausicaa's glider and outfit

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Miniature cabinet of curiosities project, I'm ALL DONE 

Hooray! I finished a project!!

I tend to look at things I've made and fixate on the details I wish I could change, but overall I'm happy with this one

I got so hasty when I could see the finish line that I forgot to take separate photos of 2 of the things I made: on the 3rd shelf there's a mummified Egyptian cat, and on the bottom shelf there's a (real) green quartz crystal in a wrought iron holder. Everything else is detailed upthread

magic suit that looks like a conveniently placed foreground object that just happens to conceal the wear's nakedness

brb gotta take my phone for a little walk around the apartment so it can get enough reception to hopefully download this image message

living vicariously through a full-library shuffle of the songs on my computer

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strong desire to go play music but it's too late--the bird's already asleep & it's quiet time in the apartment :/

me, online: wow my back's all grumpy about just turning slightly

me, 20 minutes earlier: [sitting sideways in my chair & twisting 90 degrees to face my computer for an extended period of time]

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oof ouch--my back really didn't like that, uh, [checks notes] turning slightly to get something out of the silverware drawer

Little elf that sits on the roofs of people's cars & goes 'wheeeeee!' as they drive down the street

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