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It's time! 1.0 is officially out!

It's a strange little text-only modular music engine, and I'm very excited to share it with you all!

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I should probably do an intro, huh? I'm Nash! I work at a library & make random things [music, games, code stuffs] on the side. I also enjoy sciency things, spooky things, and basically anything in nature~

I call my cats & bird "toad" when they are being difficult ("cut it out ya toad", etc.), but tbh toads have done nothing to deserve this. my cats & bird are almost definitely way more difficult than a toad would ever be

saying 'oof' as I sit down, as though I've been up and around for longer than 45 minutes. as though I've done more than just putting oatmeal in the toaster oven

today I learned that u can have 0 mass & still cause gravity if u go really really fast

we're talking like sonic the hedgehog fast, though; it's gotta be real fast

how do modern people determine if a new kind of plant is safe to eat?

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The moral of the story of Achilles is that you should just drop the whole baby in the river. Don't try holding it or anything. Just drop the baby in and then fish it out with a net or something

breaking news?? hasn't the news broken us enough?

the number of times I have closed my eyes & used every bit of brainpower I have to very carefully imagine folding a piece of paper

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yeah I like to RUN!! ...some numbers [opens Excel]

I'm working on adding portrait/landscape & booklet opening direction options to & gosh my head is just spinning trying to keep track of all these possible configurations & how they affect the page layout @_@

digital collage-font tool that lets you take lasso-tool screenshots of individual letters from various things on your computer & assign them to their corresponding characters so u can type with it

pronouncing "I'm" like "eye-em" in order to reinject the omitted syllable

hesitant to post my cats on social media too much because I don't want them to become more popular than me

uspol, memepost, please don't be prophetic 

this is the plot of my to-be-written political satire. any effort for these events to play out in real life is copyright infringement.

except for the part where Thomas gets impeached & Trump & Giuliani are in prision -- I grant the universe license to use that

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uspol, memepost, please don't be prophetic 

Jan 2025. Trump is in prison for his part in the 1/6 attack. Unfortunately, he has also just won reelection. In 2022, Democrats narrowly managed to impeach Thomas, but Manchin helped block confirmation of a successor until after GOP gained Senate control in the midterms. McConnell proceeded to block all Biden nominees. Now, unsure whether Roberts will support his efforts to pardon himself, Trump appoints Giuliani (also in prison) to the Supreme Court.

personal finance, health insurance (USA) 

(if I were to qualify for Medicaid, I would not be eligible for the tax subsidies that make my Marketplace plan affordable. I didn't sign up for Medicaid, because it seemed too close of a call on that one & I didn't want to go over either)

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personal finance, health insurance (USA) 

I'm happy that MO expanded Medicaid (finally), and it was cool to see the people make it happen via ballot initiative (the ppl doing what the gov would not).

Personally, though, Medicaid expansion is causing me a bit of stress, because my projected income is very close to the max allowed for Medicaid, and it's hard to predict my income exactly. I'm on Marketplace & I may need to find a way to make like $400 more this year so I don't qualify for Medicaid.

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petition to punitively close the US Supreme Court building & require that all further hearings be held at Four Seasons Landscaping until such time as the Court is able to establish its credibility with the US People in a popular vote

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Are they going to get the car? Are they idk copying forms or something? idk. they've been gone for a while & the other sales reps are starting to eye me like *I'm* about to buy a car

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My dad's buying a car & he & the guy have been doing the stuff for 45 mins or so, but then I just looked up and they're both gone.

I guess I'm just stuck here now??

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