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It's time! 1.0 is officially out!

It's a strange little text-only modular music engine, and I'm very excited to share it with you all!

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I should probably do an intro, huh? I'm Nash! I work at a library & make random things [music, games, code stuffs] on the side. I also enjoy sciency things, spooky things, and basically anything in nature~

I feel like if you're buying a single family home for investment purposes you should have to wait like 2 weeks after it goes on the market. If no actual families want it after 2 weeks u can buy it

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they always appear in a group of 3.

maybe two people walking a dog. chatting quietly amongst themselves--you'll never make out what they're saying.

when you look back, it's one person walking 2 dogs this time, or, occasionally, 3 people with no dog at all.

but you can tell from the sound of the quiet conversation: they're the same group you saw before.

My tiny tabletop civilization builder game is on sale on for 2 more weeks! Get countless new worlds for just $0.99--who could ask for a better deal??

ahh both the Pan & Portamento modules are coming along nicely

ur in her dm's
i'm consulting my grandmother's coven to find a way to free u
she's a powerful sorceress & i warned u this was a trap

God grant me the Serenity to accept the problems I'm unwilling to solve,

The Strength to filibuster those who might try to solve them anyway,

And the Wisdom to continue generating rationalizations for why I act like this

I like artichoke hearts but I'm still not sure if they taste good or not

To their credit, they are all more than 10 years old & probably built to last 5

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me: I can't believe computers are phasing out optical drives

the optical drives I do still have: [refuse to even open most of the time; usable only with a small risk of sacrificing the CD]

I'm diving into work on the big 1.1 update for this week, so first here is one last round of bugfixes (v1.0.7):

"inappropriate" seemed the best fit from the options they gave me; wish they had a "this is a predatory ad" or "this ad is deceptive" option

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report google ads that look like "Download" or "Start Now" buttons as inappropriate 2022

I feel like Wordle has been the opposite of a milkshake duck for me cause at first I was like, "ugh what are all these cryptic tweets promoting??" and then it was like, "oh this is fun & nice actually" and NOW also the creator seems really sweet & nice & isn't even trying to cash in on the fame??

Been working on improving precision in the Cross module in -- so it can be used with song patterns! Crossing is kind of weird, but it lets you do cool stuff like this 9-line arpeggiator pattern:

specifically the emoji grid, I mean! not like, context in the replies--that's too easy. but if you see 🟩🟨🟩🟩🟨and can tell, say, that they guessed a word w/ all the same letters but two swapped and 3 in the right place, or so...

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meta wordle where you try to get the word in 1 guess using clues derived from your friends' shared tweets

lord of the rings au video game except u play as the horrible goose & cause various mischief to all parties the whole way taking the ring to mordor

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