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my favorite things often come in distros:
- music albums
- zines
- linux

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I should probably do an intro, huh? I'm Nash! I work at a library & make random things [music, games, code stuffs] on the side. I also enjoy sciency things, spooky things, and basically anything in nature~

hurt my back cause I sneezed while I was leaning over the sink :/

One thing I've been thinking about is that all websites who display ads should include an option to report predatory ads.

Is this ad designed to look like the Download button you're expecting? Report.
Untrustworthy links made to look like the thing you're searching for? Report.

imagine: my little sweet bird, cuddled up next to his toy abacus, saying 'good night kiwi' in the sweetest quiet little bird voice, clump of bird seeds still stuck to his beak

For further reading: Here's a ProPublica article about how IRS Free File was created to block the IRS from creating its own free online filing option >:|

Instead, the companies participating in the program make their IRS Free File services super hard to find & aggressively promote a separate, limited 'Free' tier, which often ends with you having to pay.

(thanks to for sharing this with me).

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One thing though: >> Go through the IRS website first!! <<

Many tax places offer 'free' tax filing, which will almost always end up costing you money, unless your situation is very simple. IRS Free File will let you file everything you need to file without charging.

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Hi friends (in the USA)! It's time for me to remind you all about the IRS Free File Program!
If you're planning to file your taxes online & you made less than $72,000 this past year, you can file for free!

my bird is imitating the sound of me chewing, perhaps to emphasize that I have tasty food that I'm not sharing with him

Do you have songs where you've listened to a ripped version of it a ton & there's some weird skip or glitch in there that's just part of the song for you now?

like you know when it's coming--you sing along to it & everything

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a convention I would like to see more of is putting post frequency in the bios of bot accounts

positive vibes only? sounds like a DC bias problem

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Moments later, the
door to the attic slowly
opens on its own

my mom gave me back this old netbook she doesn't use anymore. it's a little too old for Lubuntu/Ubuntu 20.04+. I could probably do 18.04 -- but should I try a different flavor instead? What's another super lightweight Linux that would be friendly for a machine who can't do 64-bit?

Happy new year! The first issue of is out today! It's short, but it still has a bit of everything:
- fiction
- comics
- rpgs
- activities

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Camera reveals porcupines, squirrels, moose, deer, cougars and others using Utah's I-80 wildlife overpass.

Big thanks to whoever's making the KCMO retweet bots!

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