Hi friends (in the USA)! It's time for me to remind you all about the IRS Free File Program!
If you're planning to file your taxes online & you made less than $72,000 this past year, you can file for free!

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One thing though: >> Go through the IRS website first!! <<

Many tax places offer 'free' tax filing, which will almost always end up costing you money, unless your situation is very simple. IRS Free File will let you file everything you need to file without charging.

For further reading: Here's a ProPublica article about how IRS Free File was created to block the IRS from creating its own free online filing option >:|

Instead, the companies participating in the program make their IRS Free File services super hard to find & aggressively promote a separate, limited 'Free' tier, which often ends with you having to pay.

(thanks to for sharing this with me).

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