the other day I was boxing up some music scores we got donated to the library & I learned there are these mini musicals made for kids & all to perform & anyway uhhh... now I wanna write & perform a mini musical??

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@nashhigh wait, are these available at the KC library now? I'm a preschool teacher and this might be of interest to me ha

@phillipprado Oh awesome! They aren't available yet--still need to be processed & cataloged. I'll let them know that someone is interested though & will try to keep you updated!

@nashhigh This is an interesting genre and raises so many questions. Do they avoid words with R or W or S sounds or lean into it? Is this the first step to living your entire life as a musical?

@james I didn't think about the sounds! I'm not sure what the age range was on these, either--maybe like 8-10?? But yes I hope there's a parenting book out there on how to raise your kids to live in a constant musical!

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