"Luke, you switched off your targeting computer! What's wrong?"

The targeting computer:

Please sign in to acquire target. No login? Enter your email to create a free TargetLock Targeting Computers account and get all the newest updates!

Would you like to add this target to your memories?

If you like THERMAL EXHAUST PORTs, you might also be interested in...

[ Target will lock after ad ]

@nashhigh "if you like THERMAL EXHAUST PORTS" this guy's gonna be getting some wierd ads, isn't he.

@dhfir you gotta be careful what you target out there

@gzt truly amazing he didn't wreck the whole x-wing trying to do all that

@nashhigh *adjusts target up slightly*


@nashhigh Would you like to give TargetLock access to your

➡️ Contacts
➡️Network settings

@ultraviolet TargetLock uses your location data to make it easier for other TargetLock users to target you!

@nashhigh This targeting computer best accessed using a Golden Chrome Android.


Luke: Naaah, I'm using the force.

The Force: Please sign in to acquire the force ...

@lydiaconwell Oops! You've used all of your Force Crystals™ this month! Upgrade to Premium to get 4x monthly crystals, or visit our store to buy more now!

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