JOHNNY: Alexis! David! Did you eat the plums that were in the icebox?
ALEXIS: What is an icebox?
DAVID: Why are you talking like that?
JOHNNY: The plums! In the fridge! That I was saving for the continental breakfast!
DAVID: I told you he was saving them for breakfast.
ALEXIS: This was *your* idea, David! Yes. Okay? We ate the plums. But we left you a note.
JOHNNY: What note?! There is no note!
ALEXIS: Yeah there is... the note David left you.
DAVID: Me? *You* were supposed to leave the note!

I had a whole moment this morning where I convinced myself it was supposed to be 'complimental breakfast' not 'continental' & that I'd just been hearing it wrong my whole life. but I looked it up and no, it's continental haha.

I guess it comes from the UK, referring to the types of breakfasts one would find in continental Europe

@carithlee lol I'm so glad because I keep telling myself "ok, ur done no more plumposting" & then I keep thinking up another one that I simply must post

@nashhigh no matter how many notes you leave on the fridge, the plums are always there again when you open it up

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