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My gamedev and gaming account is here:

This account will be more for talking about , since I teach Computer Science at J C C C, mostly C++ courses.

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Me: gee i sure hope 2023 is ok

January: I'm going to be completely awful

us pol, transphobia, ways to fight back 

Spreadsheet that tracks all Anti-LGBTQ bills being pushed in the state legislatures. Over 200 transphobic bills have been proposed so far this year.

Spreadsheet includes general info on what the bill is, including who the sponsors are and where the bill is at.

For folks able to do the 'pester your legislators' stuff, this is goldmine for identifying which bills are in danger of passing and fighting back.

Maybe it wasn't because of my boss but these people don't understand the value of this vs. the twice a year hackathons. -_-

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I think my boss has sabotaged the after-school "teaching local kids to code" club that I help run. The senior lady running it basically let us know that it's discontinued after talking to said boss, and I thought we were going to finish out the school year... -_-

AT LEAST most people who aren't cis-het-white-men that I meet already kinda fucking know. Like you don't have to lay some foundation on "how to not be an asshole" while getting to know them. They just get it. But these dudes... -_-

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Most of my friends these days are queer and/or women and/or PoC and any time I have a cis het white male friend I'm just like "...Jesus christ why do I need to have a talk on introduction to power structures and oppression with you? What is wrong with you???"

Reused some old art as ideas for some of the magical Teaching Assistants for the MUC school. :T

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I also added channels on my Moos-a-dee Discord server (link on the public domain site) for people to discuss or come up with ideas. I can post to the website as well. (If these worlds ever grow, maybe I'd make a wiki for it...)

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"MUC is a university for magical folk located in Raytown, Missouri. Although to a non-magical person there is nothing resembling a university in Raytown, those of a more magical persuasion know to seek entry past a charmed entryway behind the 350 Highway Taco Bell.

Example departments: FLYS (Flying sciences), FFC (Fauna and flora care), FAM (Familiars studies), NUM (Necromancy and Undead Management), CONJ (Conjuring), DIV (Divination), ENCH (Enchantment), POT (Potions), AST (Astronomy). "

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So with my "Trans-inclusive Wizarding World" open source world building project ( I have decided to develop where I have experience - i.e., I don't know anything about Britain, or boarding school, or even grade school, so my secret hidden magical school is Magical University of Conjuring (MUC) and I have some Teaching Assistant characters and everybody's broke and has to use substitutions for their spells and stuff.

What if scheduled class time were used for everyone to take a nap to make sure we're all rested and not running on fumes? :T

My class sessions are for working through coding assignments and I don't lecture (I make video lectures that are cut and edited to be concise for them to watch outside of class).

The downside, however, is that I have a HARD TIME SITTING STILL and doing nothing during these class times.

And I can't get my brain to really engage in any side projects out of the "danger" of being "interrupted". (My brain doesn't like interrupts.)

Other teachers are so concerned with attendance and "what if they don't come to class???"

I spent almost all of 2022 in empty classrooms because my job is to help students learn and understand things... And if they want to connect remotely or don't want to attend class altogether, then how is that bad?? They contact me as needed.

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Every semester I get at least one or two students early transfer into my class from someone else's, purely because the way I teach my courses are ACCESSIBLE. And that can be anything from attendance not being mandatory (and everything being available even if you miss class) to just having resources available in written and video/audio format for students to choose from.

I'm gonna just make a public domain wizard world thing for my public domain site. Tired of peeps simping for Harry Potter. I don't get it. It was my childhood, too, but I honestly couldn't give a crap about it anymore??

Tired of my remote needing to pair to my tv every time I turn it on. This isn't a "smart" TV it's an annoying TV. -_-

Actually, seriously thinking of adapting all my course material to make a "school agnostic" version of my courses to put on my website. I can write little quizzes in JavaScript and have the programming exercises there, and someone could use it to teach themselves C++... Hmmm...

If I had money and time I'd want to get a masters degree then just teach at online only colleges, if that's a thing lol. I'm good at what I do but I don't follow the old traditional (ineffective) ways.

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