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My gamedev and gaming account is here:

This account will be more for talking about , since I teach Computer Science at J C C C, mostly C++ courses.

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KC ZINE CON IS TODAY!! Saturday, June 3rd, from 11 am - 6 pm at Goofball Skate Park.

Come check out the indie magazines ("zines") and other creations by local and nearby creators! :D

Rose and I have a table there as well!!

My husband lost his job yesterday, so he's searching for Software Engineer In Test or Quality Assurance roles. His work experience has been with banks for the past 8 or so years, but doesn't have to be that industry. We are in #KansasCity but remote jobs are welcome.

#softwareengineerjobs #qualityassurance

Regular picture of the spikey table at my dentist office.

Got a 161 on this test:

With the 160+ score saying "very strong evidence for autism".

The classic anxiety of "is the stimming I do when I'm alone actually GENUINE stimming or am I an IMPOSTOR trying to SEEM autistic???"

(Proceeds to make lots of noises and motions)

"if you have been waiting more than 15 minutes for your appointment please check with the front desk" - 15 minutes from when I checked in or 15 minutes from the scheduled time cuz I got in early. 😵‍💫

I apparently don't work 40 hours a week but...

Banks: We will cut cost by only let you have access to bots.

Also banks: Are you a bot? We can't talk to bots, that would be a waste of our time.

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Ask your doctor if phasing in and out of this plane of existence is right for you.

Skill issue. Not my fault they aren't effectively min/maxing their work time.

Apparently I don't actually work because I don't spend 3 hours lecturing and wasting time on preparing for that lecture. 🙃

(I treat my classes like an open lab, students can ask me for anything, it's up to them, so usually I am sitting around grading and then I answer questions when they have 'em.)

Sucks that during the first three years of FT employment the deans can decide to just let me go for "any reason", even if my students, the other teachers, and even said dean herself has all told me I'm doing a good job. Also I'm paid 40k less than the other teachers 'cuz I only have a B.S.

This is my last semester on "academic probation", and then I'll be a permanent member of the teaching staff. But, I have to make it past May.

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