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My gamedev and gaming account is here:

This account will be more for talking about , since I teach Computer Science at J C C C, mostly C++ courses.

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Mastodon which is incredibly hot, supports RSS beautifully.

Just add .rss to any account to get the feed. Amazing!

Open that in your favorite feed reader. It’ll work.

Post a screenshot, say what the reader app is.

And pass this on to everyone who uses a feed reader.

Spread the word!

This is a huge deal for the open web.

Ugh, i should go to an actual grocery store during December instead of Target. Big lines of people Xmas shopping.

I don't look at myself and see "woman". It bugs me when a total stranger sees me looking like this and still has no hesitation about calling me a lady. -_-

Finally out of it. Looked like a wreck with a rollover. Hoping that everyone is alive and okay.

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Trucks are asses, trying to pass on the right shoulder, blocking it up for other emergency vehicles. What are they thinking?? -_-

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470 highway eastbound in Lee's Summit Missouri just before Douglas exit is at a standstill. Multiple police, fire trucks, and ambulances have passed by.

This year I've been "I'm too tired to have any xmas stuff take up brain space" so I haven't done any early shopping or planning and it's been NICE. Can we just cancel xmas? Can I just give people really nice birthday gifts instead?

Sometimes I check Birdsite to see what's trending and... Ya maybe don't.
CW for today's Twitter: antisemitism

I would buy all the mp3s I listen to except some bands don't let me purchase their music on anything except like Amazon. -_-

I have no Spotify Wrapped this year because I've gone back to buying mp3s and listening to them in WinAmp. (Technically Wacup)

Please boost if you’re still masking indoors (in public places)

Someone tell my students that the questions they're asking are from over two months ago and it makes me cranky to have to reteach them things -_-

When your grandma is bad at technology and apparently made four different Facebook accounts over the years.

#BlackFriday is a trap.

It is designed to push your buttons and trigger your FOMO.

The idea is to make you buy more than you need, to keep enriching the already wealthy at the expense of our wounded planet.

You are so much more than a consumer.
Say No.
Exercise your willpower.
Buy Nothing.



Going in for IUI today. (Basically artificial insemination). Lots of emotions.

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