It’s hot outside which means I’ll be bringing my sweater to every building blasting their A/C to Arctic temperatures

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From now on I’m going to enter every coffee shop and ask loudly “what wave is this?”

@nashhigh sort of! Heat up the milk until it’s almost boiling and then add turmeric, pepper, and honey. It’s super yummy and really good for you.

@james That's always the worst. Thankfully, most places choose to just send emails which are much less annoying.

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I donated once to a charity and I’m pretty sure by now they’re just going to spend it all on mailing me requests for more money.

The Dallas Stars aren’t that bad all things considered

I’ve been trying to pad my resume by volunteering and I’m really nervous. I haven’t volunteered since I was in high school so everything feels so much more Adult now.

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Hey guys! I am one of the co-runners of the Twilight charity fanzine for the Move to Higher Ground project. If you'd like a copy of the zine (or just to support the cause), click the link below for details!

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as a palate cleanser after the study about capitalistic capuchin monkeys, here is a photo of a baby gorilla and a baby chimpanzee just hanging out and enjoying each other's company from twitter user PrimatesDaily.

@nashhigh I’m glad it worked out for you! I always feel weird recommending it since I work at a museum and I feel biased but I LOVE getting memberships as gifts

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One thing I've been thinking about is that all websites who display ads should include an option to report predatory ads.

Is this ad designed to look like the Download button you're expecting? Report.
Untrustworthy links made to look like the thing you're searching for? Report.

I always recommend people to purchase memberships to local museums for Christmas gifts and birthday gifts when you can’t think of anything specific but don’t want to get a gift card

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Hi friends (in the USA)! It's time for me to remind you all about the IRS Free File Program!
If you're planning to file your taxes online & you made less than $72,000 this past year, you can file for free!

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