A discussion of the First Amendment, A Russian Propaganda technique, Nazis, and Elon Musk. In other words, some light reading (haha) 

News: Twitter reinstated the account of Andrew Anglin, editor of the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer. His account was suspended nearly a decade ago. (Reported by Shayan Sardarizadeh with the BBC and confirmed by me.)

A propaganda technique perfected by Putin is known as Noise.

The propagandist does not shut down dissenting voices. . .


I’m a civil rights lawyer. I don’t want to practice before a Court that’s compromised. I want a fair Court. Expansion would make this particular Court more ideologically balanced. Agree. But w/o a real, enforced ethics infrastructure, there will be 18 justices not fully disclosing financials, not compelled to recuse, praying in chambers w/their own faith leaders, going on trips w/groups filing briefs in cases before them, owning stock in indiv companies whose interests are before the Court.

As everyone rushes to find "the next Twitter", I have to confess I don't think I want another Twitter.

I don't want a single ubiqitous social media platform like Twitter became. I read books and comics from all sorts of publishers. I watch movies from all sorts of studios and distributors.

I'm OK just having my little "home" corner of social media - and knowing that there are other ways to engage and seek out other people. Even other social media platforms.

“Then the spaceman took over the bird site so we all started tooting at the elephant place.”

“Oh…ok grandpa. Let’s get you back to bed.”

for the Twitter arrivals 

Hi, new Mastodon citizens!

I was in your shoes a few weeks ago + have learned (and learned to love) a lot about this place after some serious tire-kicking.

Result: I'm here to stay. I'm also here to help. If you're feeling a little unsure or have questions about Mastodon, feel free to reach out or reply to this post. I'm happy to share what I found out via my own trial-by-fire, or can point you in the right direction.

#TwitterMigration #introduction

Hello new people over from #twitter

Just some tips to get started as someone who recently did the same:

1) Add a pic and a bio so people can follow you in confidence
2) post on the #introduction thread
3) use hashtags to make your toots appear in searches.
4) there's no algorithm here so you have to follow interesting stuff...
5) and the only way to spread stuff is the boost function
6) Us the CW feature for sensitive content and politics.


My life isn’t a grand orchestrated adventure
with a fixed end
where my role is
to follow a line marked for me

It’s a step at a time
in the darkness
with a pinprick light to see
and my role is
to listen and feel along the way
to those before beside and becoming

Pontificating on the Bird App’s apparent implosion 

1. The crazy thing about last night’s collective Twitter meltdown — especially among journalists, media types, and prominent activists — is that we’re all pretty painfully aware the website was/is deeply flawed on several levels before Musk bought it. I started dialing back how I used it over a year and a half ago.

But holy begonias we never thought things would, like, go south so quickly. The subtext: that could impact people’s careers.

A kind of thesis statement taken from the novel I'm writing:

"The world is better when all of us, each of us as whole persons, come together with shared voices as we lament, as we celebrate, as we experience the complexities of life together. As equals. With the freedom to feel and express the truths of our thoughts and our emotions."

@zoesqwilliams What the Fediverse actually is needs to be shared and publicized more often.

So let me tell you the broader implications. The Fediverse is no less than the biggest technological great leap for social media in a generation.

Protocols like ActivityPub allow different apps and instances to talk to each other.

Because of this wildly different apps can be built—and they can all use the same network effect without having to build one from scratch.

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Automattic is one of the most important companies on the Internet.

They make Tumblr, WooCommerce, Amismet, LongReads, WordPress—among others.

WordPress alone powers ~44% of the world's websites.

More interesting: despite being such a large, dominant company, few people hate Automattic.

Why is this? 🧵

ACCESSIBILITY TIP: Adding emojis to your display name is terrible for people who use screen readers.

I was just reminded by someone that when you do this (as I had done), then they have to listen to the screen reader read out all the emojis/icons BEFORE getting to your actual post.

So my name came across as:
dan york satellite graphic satellite studio mic graphic studio mic curling stone graphic curling stone

Thank you to the person who reminded me of this!


Ever write a perfect sentence? I think I may have just gotten close:

"It was an old cottage, one where the wind was as welcome in summer as the warmth of the fireplace in winter."

How I'm beginning to feel about Twitter and Meta:

“You know, when I was a girl, the idea that the British Empire could ever end was absolutely inconceivable. And it just disappeared, like all the other empires.” — Doris Lessing

People showed up for abortion justice.

People showed up to beat back the white supremacist Christian nationalism that has been encroaching, & because the legislature is our defense against a judiciary hellbent on stripping us of civil and human rights.

There’s no other story.

I guess we're doing posts now?

I'm a marketing guy in Kansas City, mostly focusing on web strategy and (lately) CRM strategy. I have a heart for missional organizations.

I'm also a big fan of the type of Christianity that seeks justice for all people, loves mercy, and walks in humility. I'm an antiracist, a feminist, an LGBTQIA+ ally, an advocate for antiviolence, and the spouse of a pastor.

I write. I design. I like to make.

I have two dogs and many many plant babies.

Ready for the day when I get to upset everyone by saying “I’ve got viral toots”

Am I gonna hit my goal this year? Probably not. But it's been a productive couple of weeks at work, so I'm at peace with it.

Having been here since 2016, I can tell you there is definitely no such thing as a consensus on usage of content warnings on the fediverse. It's a decentralized network that doesn't belong to any one party, so by definition there is no single culture on it. Different corners have different expectations and customs.

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