Cardinal Robert McElroy with some choice words for conservative Catholic media conglomerate EWTN here, saying the network "worries me because it represents a giant of economic and cultural power connected to a religious viewpoint that is fundamentally critical of the pope."

Also says his diocese won’t publish their content, which is not a small thing.

I cling to this:

They loved me,
imperfectly, yes,
but truly.

Automattic has acquired the popular ActivityPub plugin for WordPress. @pfefferle, the plugin's creator, will be joining Automattic to work on ActivityPub integrations full time.

Here's an interview I shot with @pfefferle and @tim about the ActivityPub and Webmentions plugins, and how #WordPress and the #fediverse can be used together.

Weird times that I gotta tell this to people on Fedi

But Facebook is not coming to Fedi because they want to administer a good, responsible, instance that regards other well-run instances as peers and equals, and has policies that aim to respect the autonomy and values of its users and other instance's users right?

Facebook has ulterior motives

You know that, right?

Please tell me you that I don't have to convince you of that

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As we approach the Super Bowl, there's a masochistic part of me that REALLY WANTS to create a Facebook post around my old blog where I condemned the violence and dehumanization that are intrinsic to the NFL.

But, like, as a KC guy, I think that may be a step too far right now....

Who do you all follow on here for and content/inspiration? Maybe some work sprinkled in there, too?

Politics: Classified Documents 

Like, maybe our next President can be someone who actually understands the importance of keeping top secret materials... secret???

"Despite what Paul says, I don’t think God desires us to be slaves of God."

I've got a new, short reflection on up on my this morning:

It's not called an "app" unless it was made in the Appalachia region of the Eastern United States, otherwise it's just sparkling website.

My website design/development side hustle turns 10 years old tomorrow! That is such an odd thing to say... it feels like just yesterday that I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

Submit your blog by Jan. 7, 2023 to participate in “Bring back blogging”

To bring back blogging:
• write 3 posts per month (any subject, any length)
• get into the habit for months to come
• add other bloggers’ feeds in your #RSSreader
• publicize your blog, share your favorite blogs

And reap the goodies! enjoy the serendipity of learning new things or discovering unknown aspects of peeps.

#blog #BringBackBlogging #OwnYourContent #serendipitity

h/t @kpl

My wife says I have a tendency to try to make my writing too profound. To think through them so thoroughly that they lose their emotion.

So here I am. It’s the second day of January. I’m starting something new. I’m calling it a “web log” or “blog” for short. (It’s okay to laugh, that was a joke.)

(And also I just did a lil bit of redesigning on my website and I've done basically zero testing on different browsers and devices... so I apologize if it's buggy!)

You can't take your open browser tabs with you when you die

With the subzero temperature and snow today, I just wanna say how grateful I am for all the crews who are running plows, salt trucks, and all the other essential services today. Y'all are amazing!

We found out what really happened in the stalking incident Elon Musk cited to ban @elonjet and a bunch of journalists. This is the story we were asking Musk about on Twitter when he suspended @taylorlorenz. (I'm still suspended!)

Anyone still on twitter please tell people to follow me here!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I didn’t have a chance to post about my Mostodon bc Musk was banning links to it #twitter #tech #technews #twitterexodus #TwitterMiragration

It's been a couple weeks since I've written a word of my novel, due to a combination of heavy workload at the office, friend in town, and just general life busyness leading up to the holidays. And if I'm REALLY honest about it, I feel shame for my lack of writing lately. I'm trying to overcome that... and without forcing myself back into the work.

The EPA has just released an interactive tool on the Keystone oil spill in Kansas and says it will update data and such here on a daily basis --
– Celia Llopis-Jepsen, KCUR

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