Oh shoot.

The Kauffman Center is putting on a life symphony of The Princess Bride at 3 today...!

Go to bed and wake up to a kid shot by my house. Lesigh.

From @psyberwitch, boosted with permission:

"I started transitioning over a decade ago, am in my 30s and have had surgeries that prevent me from even making my own hormones anymore... but due to the way
[Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey] wrote this regulation my doctor won't be able to prescribe my medications. "

Welp, with the bullshit dripping off of our Attorney General's pen tonight, I think I ought to run for office.

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Holy shit – the judge freezing use of abortion pills nation wide is citing the Comstock Act as a reason not to allow mailing mifepristone. The fucking Comstock Act. As if the Comstock Act wasn’t overturned by a Supreme Court decision nearly 60 years ago.

If we’re going to start enforcing the Comstock Act again, shit is going to get really weird guys. I mean really, really weird. The USPS is going to be opening your shit to go through it to make sure there is nothing “lewd or lascivious”, “immoral” or “indecent”. Just wait until you hear who gets to decide if your mail is immoral or not…

Mowed the lawn for the first time this season. But forgot the sunscreen.

I can feel *every blood vessel in my body*

Lincoln, Nebraska feels like the little cousin of Kansas City. It feels like if anyone ever messed with them, we'd all have to roll up and do them one right

So the election results come in. Major offices that decide the fate of millions of people decided by a few hundred who turned out.

Luckily this time around it seems we've got a lot of good beans.

A handy resource to keep in mind, if you are ever in the situation where you have lots of furniture to get rid of but the local Goodwill/Savers/Habitat/Local thrift store can't take more than a few pieces a day.


Bleagh. I want to go through this with a fine toothed comb but I have Stuff To Do™ today.

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KCMO is planning a whole bunch of shady landlord-greasing shit and greenwashing it as "sustainability."

all these plans to make streets as hostile as possible and increase the number of cops, but it'll look good for increasing Home Values™



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Enjoy this short clip of the raccoon that is currently trying to catch snowflakes on my deck. 🦝 ❄️

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EVERYONE ON MASTODON: Hello! I'm Dr. Whitney Appleby, a molecular biologist working on new ways to beat the Pacific Garbage Patch! In my spare time I love reading, hanggliding and playing with my cat. I'm also starting to weave-

ME: *shoving past them* yeah sure where are the dipshits? where are the real assholes around here. perverts, you got any perverts?

If the pandemic ends I might have to go by some of those.

... not the ones in Westport though. About half of Westport needs to be demolished before that space becomes safe to visit.

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Corvino Supper Club? Verbena?
Fox and Pearl? Chewology? Sichuan Dynasty? Café Provence?
Cosmo Burger? Affäre? The Savoy? Sayachi? Lotus Hot Pot?
Grünauer? Ça Va? Café des Amis?
The Antler Room?

It's like we have a tiny Gotham City grafted into the side of our town.

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Got recommended one of those "best restaurants of Kansas City" articles, and folks,

I have never heard of most of these places.


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Man, if this bill passes, we wouldn't have a newspaper or TV station in Kansas City that we would be allowed to link to. The nearest paper on the approved list is the Topeka Capital-Journal.



Gallbladders. Not even once.

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