Someone get Mayor Q on Mastodon.

On the topic of this tweet - man, now I want some Pak Ling, Curry in a Hurry, or Taste of Philly.

"We've got Five Nights At Freddy's at home"

Five Nights At Freddy's at home:

and the reverse of the base.

This is another one of those hearts where the bulk the design is going to be unnoticed by the majority of people just because the access to the space where you can actually view it is limited

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There's more on the base!... which is completely hidden from view of the road, thanks to the altitude

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outside the Alexander Majors House Museum

because when you think of Kansas City, you think of dreamsicle orange


odd that it has all these odes to downtown, the stadiums, the scout, the shuttlecocks, the new museum, Old Westport, Union station, Worlds of fun, 18th and Vine, but it's set far in the corner of the Kansas uberriche

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Just a few streets down in Sagamore Hills, intersection of Tomahawk and State Line in the yard of someone REALLY rich

And rear view.

This is probably going to be the rarest shot in my collection because I had to climb up into private property to take it

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Bonus Antioch crossing picture: this long closed Sears.

Man if I could reopen this place...

It's got an absolutely huge lot so you can have all sorts of events up front, it's huge inside and it's got that great '80s serrated brick style.

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